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Build Your Federal Practice

Duration: 6 months

This training will provide specific detailed training on HOW you execute the core activities associated with winning Federal contracts.  Company specific templates, processes, methodologies and tools will be developed while you pursue a contract valued at no less than $150,000.

The activities included in this training include:

- Module 1 – I Want To Grow

 Defining Your Growth Strategy

This module teaches you how to develop a three (3) year strategy plan that will include your financial     target and the specific activities that you will perform to achieve your plan.

- Module 2 – There’s So Much Out There

Identifying the Right Opportunities For You

In this module, you will develop your business process, identify your target market and develop your initial pipeline of qualified leads your company will pursue.

- Module 3 – To Pursue or Not To Pursue?

Capturing Your Qualified Leads

Focus on defining and developing the process for winning the leads that you have identified in your portfolio. You will learn how to figure out what to offer, create strategies, identify resources and make pursuit decisions.

- Module 4 – You’re Going To Deliver What?

Writing Compliant and Believable Responses

Decomposing a Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Information (RFI) or even a Sources Sought is a art not a science. In this module you will learn how to read through a procurement document and identify elements that are key to submitting a compliant response.

- Module 5 – Getting Paid

How To Price Your Deal

This module will teach you all of the elements needed in your pricing proposal. We will discuss the standard content and the basics to developing your pricing model.

- Module 6 – Compliance

Differentiating You

This module teaches you how to go beyond developing a compliant response to developing responses that differentiate you from your competitors.